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About Paragon Life Coaching

Hello. It is me. Alexis Cavo. Founder of Paragon Consulting LLC.


I completed grad school specializing in mental health & substance abuse with the intentions of becoming a therapist and have my own practice. Turns out that was not in my cards because here I am running a life coaching business.

I still use the knowledge from everything I have learned over those (at the time) DIFFICULT and long years of studying mental health, and incorporate it all into my business. So I am confident in my services.


To be a life coach you do not need a degree. Yup. I am not using that fancy master's degree. Not a single soul has asked to see that shiny diploma. Which is why the "life coaching" industry can be a little sticky. Because anyone can slap the title of a life coach to their name. I do not recommend unless you really know what it is you are doing. We want to improve peoples lives, not destroy them or set them back.


So how do we do this at Paragon?

We study the brain and go through intense training to understand how to assist people to "rewire" their old thought patterns that may have not been serving them. We use a formula as a firm foundation that can literally fit any life problem in it & it will eventually solve that problem if the client chooses to put in the work! We use different coaching techniques to deliver our clients tools that are life long lasting. You may sign up for individual sessions or group sessions depending on your preference.

Building a strong mindset is easier said than done, but when you receive the tools we give you it is just slightly easier to understand how to get to where you want to go. Of course, all with the work you decide to put in.


With that being said this is what it looks like to work with Paragon...

If you would like to receive life coaching services: You have options to choose from. You may request for your own individual sessions or let us set you up with a package. We offer group sessions as well depending on availability.

If you would like to become a life coach yourself: We have to options you can choose from. If you are interested in becoming a life coach please email with the subject line titled "I WANT TO LIFE COACH" and the city you are located in.


We offer all of our services virtual so no need to worry about social distancing.