Worries and Fears, Keep Leaning Into Them.

Updated: Jan 6

Did you know that speaking in front of others is one of America's biggest phobias?

As my first time being on stage, let me tell you, I was terrified!

I have always suffered from anxiety.

When I was younger, I knew I learned to cope with anxiety (for the most part anyway). To this day, I still have anxiety, I just cope with it better. Well, on this day, I was nervous, anxious, and although I was confident in my words, my anxiety of speaking in front of others was still there, but I chose to do it anyway.

I got up there with confidence, but I could tell there was a bit of shakiness in my voice when I spoke. I kept going anyway. How was I going to stop? Now? Absolutely not.

This day showed me my inner strength is powerful.

It showed me how I can lean into fears differently.

All anxiety is, is a ton load of worries/fears.

Where do those worries and fears come from?

Many past experiences and current thoughts. That's all!

How could I get up there even though my body was not entirely in alignment with my thoughts? By using the power of my thoughts.

All I did before was think of best-case scenarios. Yeah, literally. That's all I had to do to get the courage to go up there.

I know what you're thinking, that it's not that easy, it can be though!

I write this addition about fears because people have all types of worries and fears.

They look different to others, and this is a big one of mine.

Speaking to a crowd on a microphone was not easy.

I wish I could tell you it was, but no, it was not. I felt relief when it was over.

Although, now that I've done it, I would love to do it again.

I have to keep facing fears to get better at facing other fears and worries.

I always feel like I am actually living by doing things that others call risky or fearful.

It's not risk or fear , though, is it? I see it as an opportunity for growth.

All I want around me is growth for myself and others.

Are we even growing if we aren't leaning into fear?

So I am here to ask, have you written that list of fears from my previous blog?

No? Well, here is your reminder to sit down and write a list of fears/worries.

All your thoughts that are fear-based thoughts, and ask yourself how can I lean into this fear?

A gentle reminder that you do not have to rush into these fears; be patient and compassionate with yourself through changes you decide to make to tackle any fears or worries you have.

After all, you are only human.


Rubi Macias,Life Coach (817)376-7526 Paragoncoaching.biz

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